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TRACE - Transnational Cooperation for Equality

Employers, trade unions, governmental public bodies and NGOs all working together against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation – that is TRACE, The Transnational Cooperation for Equality.

The TRACE project was founded under the EU Equal program, a program aimed at combating discrimination in the workplace. The project involves four countries: France, Lithuania, Slovenia and Sweden. The common interest is to abolish discrimination and the inequality of homosexual and bisexual people in the area of employment, and enable them to work under the same circumstances as their heterosexual colleagues.

TRACE Partners
The following projects are included in the TRACE partnership:

Deledios (France)
Contact: Cristophe Pretre

Open and Safe at Work.lt (Lithuania)
Contact: Eduardas Platovas

Partnership for Equality (Slovenia)
Contact: Natasa Sukic

Beneath the Surface (Sweden)
Contact: Anette Sjodin
TRACE - Transnational Cooperation for Equality

Download the TRACE brochure
» TRACE brochure (48 kB)

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